qsort R package: A New Tool for Scoring Q-sort Data

David Sousa, João Daniel
2018 Journal of Open Source Software  
The use of Q-sets to describe subjective views on a specific research domain, in a way suitable for quantitative data analysis, has a long tradition in developmental psychology research. In this field, Q-sets generally consist of a large set of items, usually sentences printed on separate cards, that describe personality and behavioral characteristics. These items are sorted into a different number of numerical categories (e.g., 9) based on their salience as descriptors of an individual (e.g.,
more » ... individual (e.g., 1-most uncharacteristic to 9-most characteristic). An individual Q-sort (i.e., the scores of all items descriptive of an individual) can then be compared (correlated) with criteria Q-sorts (description of a hypothetical person at the extreme high end of a domain) to index a score for a particular domain.
doi:10.21105/joss.00911 fatcat:exvf6y2afzcrnnizwn6hsxzcay