1907 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
vises national laAvs modeled after the British statutes, Avhich permit a consumer to sue for damages a dealer avIio supplies him Avith impure milk. Dr. Thomas Darlington, New York, advocated that each community shall look after its own milk supply. He recom¬ mended systematic and constant inspection, in the first place, and, in the second, the prevention of the sale of any milk AA'hich is unwholesome and adulterated. Every dairy and every creamery supplying New York City has already been
more » ... already been inspected. In regard to preventing the sale of unwholesome milk, he mentioned that the Court of Special Sessions recently had 200 eases before it. Gastrointestinal diseases have been markedly reduced since the proper inspection of milk has been enforced. Prof. R. A. Pearson, Cornell UniA-ersity, discussed the pro¬ duction of milk under five headings, namely: Health of the cow ; cleanliness of the coav and her surroundings ; condition of the utensils in Avhich the milk is handled; cleanliness of the employßs, including their health, and the cooling and storing of the milk. Speaking of the tuberculin test, he said that Avhen farmers clearly understand its true value, they will Avant this test made. When they are shown by demonstration that Avhich they fail to understand, they are anxious to have this test. Very many milk producers are honest and anxious to do what is right. They need instruction. A campaign of education has been begun. It needs support. Every milk pro¬ ducer should have the opportunity to know the latest con¬ cerning his business, then many of them will make the de¬ sired improvements in their dairies, and the realization of ideal dairying Avili go hand in hand Avith the necessity of en¬ forcing laAvs.
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