A Study on the Fast Removement of Overlaps in Image Morphing Using Mass-Spring System
질량-스프링 시스템을 이용한 이미지 모핑의 빠른 겹침 제거 연구

Do-Won Choi, Chi-Jung Hwang
2011 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
A fast and stable deformation model is essential for realistic simulation of image morphing. In order to stabilize deformation, we used two internal thin plate mass-spring systems that compute the displacements of the xand y-components of all nodes on the mesh. The deformation results are globally smoother and more stable due to the direction limitation of thin plate mass-spring systems. One-to-one deformation is one of the important issues in image morphing. We focus on fast removing overlaps
more » ... n the process of deformation. To rapidly remove overlaps, the external forces are set automatically on four or eight neighboring nodes. The speed of removing overlaps is faster when external forces are set on four or eight neighbouring nodes than when on two neighbouring nodes.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2011.14.10.1262 fatcat:mxdfdq6gvzf3haxy4hjy6wqt2y