Analysis of Seismic Responses of Rock Massif to Explosive Impacts with Using Nonlinear Methods [chapter]

Olga Hachay, Oleg Khachay
2018 Applied Geophysics with Case Studies on Environmental, Exploration and Engineering Geophysics [Working Title]  
When conducting mining operations in high-stress rock massive, technogenic seismicity is manifested, with forecasting and prevention issues being given much attention in all countries with a developed mining industry. An important role here belongs to the short-term forecast; the methodology for identifying criteria for it is still a problem, both in mining and in seismology. From the point of view of the paradigm of physical mesomechanics, which includes a synergetic approach for changing the
more » ... h for changing the state of rock massive of material with different compositions, this problem can be solved with the help of monitoring methods tuned to the study of hierarchical structural media. Changes in the environment, leading to short-term precursors of dynamic phenomena, are explained within the framework of the concept of self-organized criticality, for which the central moments are heterogeneity and nonlinearity. Introduction of the proposed integrated passive and active geophysical monitoring, aimed at studying the transient processes of redistribution of the stress-strain and phase states, can contribute to the prevention of catastrophic dynamic manifestations during the development of deep-lying deposits. Methods of active geophysical monitoring should be tuned to a model of a hierarchical heterogeneous medium and provided with new results of propagation of wave fields in layered block media with inclusions of a hierarchical structure.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.80750 fatcat:wwm7qoioibezpjhsj2swi7pyfu