A Quick Assessment and Optimization Method for a Flutter Aerodynamic Measure of a Typical Flat Box Girder

Feng Wang, Chuan Xiong, Zijian Wang, Congmin Guo, Hua Bai, Jiawu Li
2020 Shock and Vibration  
Flutter is one of the most serious wind-induced vibration phenomena for long-span bridges and may cause the collapse of a bridge (e.g., the Old Tacoma Bridge, 1940). The selection and optimization of flutter aerodynamic measures are difficult in wind tunnel tests. It usually takes a long time and consumes more experimental materials. This paper presents a quick assessment and design optimization method for the flutter stability of a typical flat box girder of the long-span bridges. Numerical
more » ... idges. Numerical analysis could provide a reference for wind tunnel tests and improve the efficiency of the test process. Based on the modal energy exchange in the flutter microvibration process, the global energy input and local energy input are analyzed to investigate the vibration suppression mechanism of a flat steel box girder with an upper central stabilizer. Based on the comparison between the experimental and numerical data, a quick assessment method for the optimization work is proposed. It is practical to predict the effects of flutter suppression measures by numerical analysis. Thus, a wind tunnel test procedure for flutter aerodynamic measures is proposed which could save time and experimental materials.
doi:10.1155/2020/8823921 fatcat:bngnny3wpfhhfkdywtybls7xve