Diana Hussein Abdul Karim, Dr. Suhad Qasim al-Musawi
2020 International journal of research in social sciences and humanities  
The sports movement at all levels witnessed a continuous and comprehensive development in all its joints, whether in terms of skills, training methods, or devices and tools used, which in turn leads to the achievement that we are witnessing today. One of the modern training methods aimed at breaking the state of boredom, and increasing strength and shocks in relation to the muscle, is exercises with heavy ropes. There are in the game of volleyball a number of basic skills that in turn need a
more » ... t in turn need a high level of physical and skill abilities and these skills (overwhelming transmission), as we find the transmission skill is the first skill of volleyball that the team starts the game in order to be able to earn points directly as that The sending player, if he manages to reveal the defensive weaknesses in the reception of the opposing team, then he achieves the direct points of his team and given the importance of the explosive ability that the researcher tried to study because it is the best way by which to achieve the goal, and accordingly, the importance of the research lies in the effect of the exercise T heavy ropes in the development of explosive power and precision transmitter overwhelming plane ball. There are many Arab literature and research papers that contain exercises with the use of devices or tools or the use of different environments in training or plumber and hypoxic exercises, but they are devoid of studies on the importance of heavy ropes and this motivated the researcher to study the effect of exercises with heavy ropes on the development of the explosive ability and accuracy The crushing transmitter skill in volleyball game. research aims: -Preparing heavy rope exercises to develop explosive power and volleyball skill. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES -Knowing the effect of heavy rope training in developing the explosive power and the accurate performance of the volleyball transmission skill of the experimental group. -Knowing the effect of training in the method used to develop the explosive power and the accurate performance of the volleyball transmission skill of the control group. -Knowing the differences between the experimental and controlling groups in the explosive power and accuracy of performance in volleyball and dimensional tests. The researcher used the experimental method in designing (two sets of pre-test and pre-test) to suit the nature of the research and its problem. (7) players, the experimental group performed exercises with heavy ropes, and the control group performed the trainer exercises. The research procedures were represented in the pre-test and experimental method used on the research group, as well as the post-test tests for the research sample. Research findings: -Exercises used with heavy ropes have an effective role in developing the explosive ability of the legs and arms and the skill transmitted to the members of the experimental group. -The experimental group advanced on the control group in the distance tests from the tribal tests in the explosive power and the transmission skill. Research recommendations: -Focusing on exercises with heavy ropes in training curricula because they have an effective impact on developing physical capabilities and basic skills in volleyball. -Using heavy rope exercises in all sports activities because it sends pleasure and breaks the state of boredom and routine in training. :Research community and its sample The researcher identified the research community for the players of the National Center for Sports Talent for Youth in Volleyball for the season (2018-2019) and the number is (16) players, while the research sample (14) players have become a percentage (100%) for the category of juniors aged (15-17) years And they were randomly divided into two groups (experimental and controlling), as each group consisted of
doi:10.37648/ijrssh.v10i01.046 fatcat:prbtxhijprfzvosamss2wj4oe4