Abstract of Sanitary Reports Received during the Past Week under the National Quarantine Act, No. VI

1878 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
or to have years of misery from sinuses, etc." In Hamilton's Military Surgery cases are reported which have a bearing on this subject, although not exactly parallel, inasmuch as his are perforations by gun-shot wounds, while the subject of this paper was by inflammatory process and abscess. Three examples are given (see figure 331 ) from battles in the Wilderness, in which rifle balls entered the upper part of the thigh, penetrating the viscera of the pelvis. The wounds for a few days gave free
more » ... few days gave free exit to foeces, but at the time of writing were closing rapidly. Also for other cises see pages 350, 351, 352, and 353. Dr. Hamilton says many ingenious plans have been devised from time to time by surgeons for the cure of artificial anus, most of which, no doubt, have their application in certain cases. Yet we must confess that experience has greatly modified our original views as to the urgency of the demand for surgical interference of any kind.
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