Noun Phrase Modification in Early Modern English Recipes

Marta Sylwanowicz
2017 Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies  
The study of complex noun phrases and their evolution in early English writings has attracted attention of many scholars (e.g. Norri 1989; Raumolin-Brunberg 1991; Moskowich 2009; 2010; Biber et al. 2011; Tyrkkö 2014). These studies have revealed that the trends in the use of pre- and postmodification in noun phrases have been subject to various changes over the centuries. The present paper offers an examination of the preferred patterns of noun phrase modification in Early Modern English
more » ... dern English medical recipes. The study will investigate whether there was a link between the level of the text (learned and non-learned) and the choice of noun modifiers.
doi:10.7311/0860-5734.26.2.03 fatcat:c7e2zl7x35fvrosw36gkpj644a