Nanoscale Seebeck effect at hot metal nanostructures

Aboubakry Ly, Arghya Majee, Alois Würger
2018 New Journal of Physics  
We theoretically study the electrolyte Seebeck effect in the vicinity of a heated metal nanostructure, such as the cap of an active Janus colloid in an electrolyte, or gold- coated interfaces in optofluidic devices. The thermocharge accumulated at the surface varies with the local temperature, thus modulating the diffuse part of the electric double layer. On a conducting surface with non-uniform temperature, the isopotential condition imposes a significant polarization charge within the metal.
more » ... within the metal. Surprisingly, this does not affect the slip velocity, which takes the same value on insulating and conducting surfaces. Our results for specific-ion effects agree qualitatively with recent observations for Janus colloids in different electrolyte solutions. Comparing the thermal, hydrodynamic, and ion diffusion time scales, we expect a rich transient behavior at the onset of thermally powered swimming, extending to microseconds after switching on the heating.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/aaa266 fatcat:fjprxhwngnhchdh7yqyijyj2ri