The problem of professional burnout in stress management

Natalia Makasheva, Julia Makasheva, Anna Gromova, Sergey Ishtunov, Boris Burykhin, I. Ardashkin, N. Martyushev
2016 SHS Web of Conferences  
The problem of professional burnout is extremely relevant in current stress management. By its nature, professional burnout is a unique type of stress syndrome that is characterized by emotional exhaustion. It leads to loss of energy and interest in one's job. A burnout could be the result of such syndromes as -burnout and boreout. It could emerge as the reaction of the organism to the high working intensity and stress working conditions or due to the boredom and absence of the sphere for
more » ... he sphere for professional realization. Both syndromes negatively influence the professional activity and require serious research and an adequate approach to the study. Studies have been conducted in the higher educational environment and among production employees. The studies were conducted with the application of the existing tests for revealing the "boreout" and "burnout" syndromes. Studies have shown that the syndrome "burnout" is common among workers with free working regulations, whose work requires greater independence, initiative and responsibility. According to the results of the study, the employees who are more free in the performance of their professional duties (teachers, managers) are less subjected to the boreout syndrome. For the prevention and control of professional burnout company management needs to apply the achievements of stress management.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20162801132 fatcat:i4ba463canbedcd4a5pi25mkme