Sunflower breeding for resistance to the new races of broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) in Romania

M. Păcureanu joiţa, E. Procopovici, S. Raranciuc
2017 Plant Protection Science  
The actual spectrum of the broomrape races in Romania has changed. The study of the sunflower differential set for the broomrape races, under natural and artificial infestation demonstrated the existence of a new spectrum of these races. We assigned the new race with F and the corresponding gene for resistance, with Or6 gene. In our breeding work for resistance to this new race of the parasite, the results we have this far achieved in introducing genes for resistance to broomrape into sunflower
more » ... rape into sunflower value inbred lines are important. Our use of convergent crosses based on transgressive recombination has proven very suitable as a method for incorporating resistance genes into standard sunflower lines. The χ<sup>2</sup> test has shown the inheritance of resistance to be controlled by a single dominant gene. The results have also confirmed that the presence of broomrape in plant materials can be diagnosed very early in the season using a modification of the Pancenko method. An assessment made 40 days after sowing showed that broomrape plants were for the most part well developed by that time.
doi:10.17221/10567-pps fatcat:6zxsfg2opjhq7blxuhxvie52ae