Agnieszka Gołębieska-Wesołowska
2018 International Journal of New Economics and Social Sciences  
The aim of the article is to describe the impact and significance of not only self-education of teachers, but also continuous training on teacher's comprehensive development in the entire digital space (including multimedia) which he deals with not only in his professional work. Participation in continuous training in the era of infor-mation society is the only way to successfully adapt man to the changes resulting from the progress of civilization. The wealth of organizational forms of teacher
more » ... al forms of teacher education makes education a good accessible to all, regardless of age, level of education or material status. Adults strive to improve their skills and knowledge. Motivation is one of the most important factors determining the effectiveness of adult learning. It should be remembered that the teach-er's role is crucial in the process of teaching and up bringing children and youth. The profession of a teacher is characterized above all by the fact that his area of activity is contact with people, especially children and youth, and the primary purpose of his actions is to educate. Working as a teacher sets requirements, which are not lim-ited only to the transfer of knowledge. These tasks are also the transfer of experiences, stimulation to being crea-tive, active and motivated, which contributes to the shaping of the value system of a young person. Implementation of these tasks may result with the teacher's feeling overloaded with work. It is important whether the beliefs about the teaching profession are reasonable and the skills are adapted to the position. The profession of teacher and educator is combined with the fulfilment of a social role, which includes, among other things: contact with another person, emotional involvement, and possession of appropriate competences, continuous improvement, functioning in difficult situations, strong social exposure and effective working under the stress. We must remember that not all teachers are equally susceptible to stress and not everyone is equally affected by its effects, so the degree of risk of burnout syndrome differs between individual teachers.
doi:10.5604/01.3001.0012.9963 fatcat:zzil3h3eebbmxcg52jfjkywhga