1900 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
each vertical movement of the bars it moves back and forth, thus bringing the entire abdomen in contact with the kneading bars. Cannon-ball massage is a valuable adjuvant to other forms of mechanical and manual treatment. This treatment may be employed by the patient himself. It consists in rolling a four-to-six-pound cannon-ball covered with leather over the colon from right to left. Electricity, although little utilized for the relief of the condition under consideration, in many cases can be
more » ... n many cases can be used with good results. This is particularly true of the sinusoidal current, which can be used with great advantage where there is an enteroptosis due to relaxed abdominal muscles. When the abdominal muscles are relaxed, the stomach, bowels and other viscera become pendant, and drag on the branches of the prevertebral ganglia of the abdomen, resulting in reflex disturbances which give rise to pain and other symptoms, among which constipation is not an infrequent one. After replacement of the viscera, the application of the slow sinusoidal current to the abdominal muscles, produces results which can not be accomplished by any form of passive exercise. CANNON-BALL MASSAGE.
doi:10.1001/jama.1900.24610210016001d fatcat:apjt5kuoszdelpqsk3bcodhkou