Ananthachar Yathi Raghavendra, Santosh Manohar Bhosale
2017 International Journal of Anatomy and Research  
The azygos venous system represents an accessory venous pathway supplying an important collateral circulation between the superior and inferior vena cava. The azygos vein is a collateral venous pathway, becoming a vital shunt if major pathways of venous return are obstructed. Material and Methods: A total of 36 cadavers and dissected specimens were studied. A thorough dissection of the mediastinum was done after the removal of heart and the lungs. The shape, level of termination, dimensions and
more » ... ion, dimensions and course & relations of arch of azygos vein was noted on the right side. The diameter of the inferior vena cava was also measured. Observations and Results: most commonly the arch forms an inverted U shaped course. 89% of the case the azygos vein was opening into extra-pericardial part of superior vena cava at a mean distance of 42.5mm from the formation In 19 (53%) cases out of 36 it was opening into superior vena cava at the level of T4. Next commonest level of opening (14%) was at the junction of T3-T4. length varied from 28 to 48 mm. The mean width of IVC was 18 mm +/-3.5mm. It was observed that the diameter of IVC is inversely proportional to width of azyos vein. Conclusion: In the present study the normal variations of the morphometry of azygos vein is noted. It is clear that the diameter of SVC is inversely proportional to that of Azygos vein.
doi:10.16965/ijar.2017.299 fatcat:jcqtodjwijgi3d25pdgl6zgdp4