An investigation of room functions and acoustic demands in selected departments in three Danish hospitals

Thea Mathilde Larsen, Cheol-Ho Jeong, Mai-Britt Beldam, Jonas Brunskog, Christoffer Weitze
2019 Proceedings of the ICA congress  
Hospitals contain many different room types, each having its own contribution to the main function of treating patients. Different room types with different functions demand different acoustics. Currently only a few recommendations in terms of room acoustics are mentioned in the Danish Building Code, BR18. Recommendations, only to a limited degree, fulfill the demand for a sufficient acoustic environment for staff and patients. In this study different room types were investigated from selected
more » ... ated from selected departments in Bispebjerg, Frederiksberg and Hvidovre hospitals. Four room types were investigated; examination/treatment rooms, control rooms, nurse stations and lunch rooms. From interviews with staff and questionnaires, information about functions and acoustic demands was collected for all four room types. Furthermore, acoustic parameters, T 20 , EDT, C 50 and STI were measured in the rooms. Recommendations in BR18 were found to be insufficient to meet the acoustic demands in several of the rooms. Future recommendations should be formulated to ensure a satisfactory acoustic environment, which meet the function demands in the rooms. A systematic investigation of room functions and use of facilities in hospitals in regards to noise is needed to be able to make such recommendations.
doi:10.18154/rwth-conv-239225 fatcat:lnn5yn4lavayjgsdnstwtbn4ke