Modeling and measurement of two-layer-canopy interception losses in a subtropical mixed forest of central-south China

G. Zhang, G. M. Zeng, Y. M. Jiang, G. H. Huang, J. B. Li, J. M. Yao, W. Tan, R. J. Xiang, X. L. Zhang
2005 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions  
The original Gash analytical model and the sparse Gash's model were combined to simulate rainfall interception losses from the top-and sub-canopy layers in Shaoshan evergreen forest located in central-south China in 2003. The total estimated interception loss from the two canopy layers was 334.1 mm with an overestimation of 39.8 mm or 13.5% of the total measured interception (294.3 mm). The simulated interception losses of the top-and sub-canopy suggested that the simulated interception losses
more » ... nterception losses in the stages of "during storms" and "after storms" were in good agreement with the published ones. Both the original Gash model and the sparse model overestimated the interception losses, but the sparse model gave more accurate estimates than the original Gash model.
doi:10.5194/hessd-2-1995-2005 fatcat:kixalx4vyfciniemeaggltmlnm