The way forward for equal opportunities by sex in employment in Turkey and Britain

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Based on a review of historical development of sex equality discourses, and practices in Turkey, and Britain, this paper identifıes patterns, and trends of change, and explores how real change towards sex equality could be achieved in both countries. Three aspects of equal opportunities discourse, and practice vvere evaluated: legal framevvork, national machinery, and organisational approaches in both countries. It is argued that Turkish, and British women, despite the geographical, historical,
more » ... phical, historical, economic, and cultural differences betvveen their countries, share a common position as disadvantaged groups in employment. The statistical indicators of employment, and gender gap in pay, legislative provision, and the sociological studies of equality of opportunity in employment in both countries suggest that there is stili ample opportunity for progress tovvards sex equality. Hovvever, the nature of proposed agendas of change in legislative, state policy, and organisational approaches to equality shovvs divergence betvveen Turkey, and Britain.
doi:10.1501/0002624 fatcat:xlgdal4drfbmxo4o632f3ssuou