Physics and chemistry of producing silicon-hydroxylapatite-titanium composite materials

O A Golovanova, A V Zayts, T V Panova, T S Frangulyan
2015 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
In the research, Si-HA poweders have been synthesized using SBF solution with different content of silicon. It was found that all the samples synthesized from the model solution of extracellular fluid under varying concentration of silicate ions are single-phase and repesent hydroxyapatite. The nature of the reagent containing SiO 4 4ions does not affect the hydroxyapatite structure. In the study of the surface and morphological characteristics of the phosphate coatings modified by silicon
more » ... ied by silicon ions, it was found that as the degree of phosphate calcium substitution by SiO 4 4ions increases, the surface wettability on the titanium substrates deteriorates and cohesive energy decreases. It is shown that the titanium coating is formed in three stages. After irradiation of titanium substrates coated with Si-HA, the crystals can keep growing and the surface can keep regenerating.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/81/1/012066 fatcat:vfucee6vsjgnlg5ppocuigsalm