Private Military and Security Companies, the European Union, and Regulation as a Tool for Efficiency

Alyson J.K. Bailes
2008 S+F. Sicherheit und Frieden. Security and Peace  
voluntarily or not. Despite the strong tendencies for states to privatise military operations, there are core areas inappropri ate for privatisation. The use of force by states is one of these areas. Using PMCs for support or protection in conflicts is one thing, but using them on the front line goes too far. The rules of international humanitarian law applicable to employees of PMCs show that there is a limit to their involvement in combat operations. It is imperative that these rules and
more » ... hese rules and responsibilities be taught to the PMCs themselves, but also and in particular to every employee of a PMC. Abstract: Some European nations both host and use private military and security companies as a solution to the rising demand for overseas operations at a time when they have shrinking defence assets. However, other nations refuse to legitimise this process and the European regulatory structure is weak. Outsourcing to PMSCs can lead to economic abuses and loss of efficiency as well as misconduct. Remedies require a mix of hard and soft regulation, good contract drafting, and supervision. European performance might benefit from seeking common solutions of this kind in the ESDP framework.
doi:10.5771/0175-274x-2008-4-196 fatcat:bdui6opy6zbmhenlr3yzxxx7ui