Flow of an Erying-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet in presence of chemical reaction

Ilyas Khan, Muhammad Qasim, Sharidan Shafie
2016 Thermal Science  
In this paper we study the flow of an incompressible Erying-Powell fluid bounded by a linear stretching surface. The mass transfer analysis in the presence of destructive/generative chemical reactions is also analyzed. A similarity transformation is used to transform the governing partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. Computations for dimensionless velocity and concentration fields are performed by an efficient approach namely the homotopy analysis method and
more » ... sis method and numerical solution is obtained by shooting technique along with Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg integration scheme. Graphical results are prepared to illustrate the details of flow and mass transfer characteristics and their dependence upon the physical parameters. The values for gradient of mass transfer are also evaluated and analyzed. A comparison of the present solutions with published results in the literature is performed and the results are found to be in excellent agreement.
doi:10.2298/tsci131129111k fatcat:trxqdywjdbdbbbjd6tq5ivehu4