Desi Nur Hidayah Saputra Siti Maryam Munjiat
2019 Al-'`Adalah : Jurnal Syariah dan Hukum Islam  
Rice milling is one of the stages of post-harvest rice consisting of a series of processes in which the main process is the breaking of the skin (husking) and polishing (polishing) to process the grain into rice ready for consumption. This study aims to determine the impact of rice milling business on the economy in a small to global scope, starting from the smallest economy in the family economy and the global economy which covers national to international. The method used for this research is
more » ... or this research is descriptive qualitative metedo with data collection techniques based on observation techniques, interview techniques, and documentation techniques. The results were very clear that the rice mill entrepreneurship located in Ciduwet village had a good impact on the family's economy and had a good effect on supporting family education especially children.
doi:10.31538/adlh.v4i1.441 fatcat:yo5tgemb35enhkdrsfvnpdbk2y