1921 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
APRIt g, '!9211 ENGLAND AND WALES. r l L t:"DICAL JORIC" 54-Itgraatb antb ?iAlak. SUPPLY OF MILK TO NURSING MOTHERS. A cIrcULAR lhas been addiessed to local autlhorities by direclion of tlhe Minister of Health, stating tlhat, in tlle supply of milk for expectaiit add nursingu motlhers and(I clhildren un1der five years of age, many local authoioities liave, incurred expenditure very greatly exceeding vwhat is eitlher necessary or desirable. Th!is conclusion lhas been reaclhed after a careful
more » ... after a careful review of the cost of tho selemes adopted tlhrouglhout the country by local autlhorities witl comparable needs. The Miniister lias-accordingly reconsidered the arrangements to be observed as a condition of 'his sanction to scllemes, and it appears to him that tlhe necessities of tlhose whomI the sorvice was designed to benefit could be met by a m'uclh lower rate of expenditure thani that now being incurred. The Mlillk (Motlhers and 3 Childreni) Order, 1910, made by the Food Controller and tlhe local autlioril ies, and the Milk (Mothers and Children) Order, 1919, made by the Minister of Healtlh, lhave therefore been revoked, and local authlorities must in future obtain the sanction of tihe Minister of Health. under thie Maternity and Child Welfare Act, 1918, to sclhemes for the supplJy of milk to expectant and nursing mothlers -and cllildreu under Ave years. Milk may be supplied at. less than cost price in
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.3145.541-b fatcat:qm7k37zkx5fetmuslt73yxh7pm