Altered myocardial gene expression profiling in the ischemic tissues at different time points after cardiac ischemia/ reperfusion in rats

Zhi-Xiao Li, Qiong Lin, Zhi-Gang He, Quan Wang, Ying-Le Chen, Mao-Hui Feng, Shun-Yuan Li, Hong-Bing Xiang
2018 OncoTarget  
We used Agilent Gene Expression microarray to analyze differential gene and lncRNA expression patterns in the myocardial ischemia regions during ischemia/ reperfusion (I/R)-induced cardiac injury in rats. Male SD rats were assigned into control group, 2 h group (30 min ischemia followed by 2 h reperfusion), 0.5 h (30 min ischemia followed by 0.5h reperfusion) group. We observed that of 18090 lncRNAs, an average of 233 lncRNAs was up-regulated in ischemic tissues of 2 h group, compared with
more » ... compared with those in control group, while an average of 6115 lncRNAs was down-regulated (with a > 2.0 fold-change and p < 0.05). Further, a total of 3135 mRNAs were differentially expressed between control group and 2h group, in which 542 mRNAs were up-regulated and 2593 mRNAs were down-regulated. Some differentially expressed genes were validated by qRT-PCR analyses of select lncRNAs in different time points after cardiac I/R injury. We unveiled that the expressions of lncRNA XR_345533.2, NONRATT025386, NONRATT024318, XR_599241.1, and NONRATT025509 were significantly up-regulated in 2h group compared with control group and 0.5h group, whereas the expression of lncRNA NR_130708.1 was downregulated after cardiac I/R injury and had no statistically different between 0.5h group and 2h group. Otherwise, the expressions of lncRNA NONRATT028627, NONRATT021959, XR_590005.1 and NONRATT023191 were significantly up-regulated in 2h group compared with 0.5h group. These findings provide evidence for differential expression patterns of mRNAs and lncRNAs in the ischemic tissues after cardiac I/R injury in rats.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.23903 fatcat:u2iav32c7vbmfnd33rsogdmjea