A Letter from Mr. Anthony Leewenhoeck Fellow of the Royal Society, Dat. Apr. 14. 1684. Containing Observations about the Cristallin Humor of the Eye, etc

A. Leewenhoeck
1684 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  
A L e tte r from M r. Anthony Leewenhoeck o f th e Royal Society rd a t . Apr.1 mgObfervations about Crift'ailin humor Eye, i$c, TT N mine d£September the , 1^74. I communicated j [ fmy Obfervations concerning th humour o f the Eye i which I find to have been infer ted by M r.0/denburg, in the Phil. TranfacHonsNum. 10%.p. 178. where I fay, that the C ri ft a U i n B o d y (or humour) o f the in hardnefs much like a preferved Nutmeg j which with i& Ifaqpr I cut in too, and fo obfervedthe fame in
more » ... obfervedthe fame in parcels, and found it to confiftof many , ly ing one on the other, which had their beginnings from 'thz Center $ all which parts confided again o f Criftallin Globules : And having differed the faid humor to dry for 3 dayes, it became fohard, that in the cutting, , it broke in pieces: as if it had been hard I{p%in. And obierving again, thele parts, I found thereifi, not only the aforefaid Orbicular fcaly fubjlance; but further, that each fcale, was again compoied, of other R ing-like parts, and that thefe lecond were Contrary pofited to the other": Thus much I obferved, on the part o f the Eye j to which, I add, that I compared the fcaly parts to a Globe, made out o f a number pfthin papers, lay'd the one on the other, and that every paper or was again conftituted out o f fo many parts, as there may be lines drawn upon a G l o b e, reaching from one Pole to the other. lhavefom etim efince, again made feveral obfervati ons, concerning the Eyes of Oxen and Cows j for that of ten fince my firft obfervations, I have thought, that I had not yet difcovered the make of the of the Eye,fo thoroughly as I might have done.
doi:10.1098/rstl.1684.0073 fatcat:cx3n75hhuredpak2x4mah3k6xm