Derek B. Scott, ed. Music, Culture, and Society: A Reader. Oxford University Press, 2000. x, 238 pp

Timothy D. Taylor
2017 pre-print
It is always easy to quibble with collections of previously published materials over the important writings that are excluded and those that are included. But Derek B. Scott clearly made some rather curious decisions in compiling this reader (decisions made in part, he tells us, because of the prohibitive cost of reprinting certain items). There is only one ethnomusicologist represented (John Blacking); no Steven Feld, or Charles Keil. Most of the scholars in the U.S. who are primarily
more » ... d with the "New Musicology" are also absent, such as Philip Brett, Richard Leppert, Susan McClary, and Gary Tomlinson. Among figures of the past, those who have long toiled, with little or no recognition by the vast majority of musicologists, on the subject of music and culture are entirely sidestepped, for example, K. Peter Etzkorn and the German sociologists of music who influenced him, such as Georg Simmel (who wrote his Ph.D. thesis on music); Max Weber; Alfred Schutz; or more recent scholars such as Kurt Blaukopf and Alphons Silbermann. And important ethnomusicologists of the past such as Alan Lomax and Alan P. Merriam are omitted as well.
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