Reviews and Notices

1881 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
198 THE BRITISH MEDICAL 7OURAAL. [Feb. 5, i88i. oxalate of lime centre, and was coated with phosphates. It was of long foAination, the symptoms being present for about ten years. It was not till it became rough and set up cystitis that the .nan suffered much from its presence in his bladder. Mr. Wheeler also presented another calculus, weighing three dr,chms (i8o grains), which he removed by lateral lithotomy from the bladder of a boy aged 13 years, a patient in -the City of Dublin Hospital.
more » ... Dublin Hospital. The nucleus in this splecimen was also composed of calcium oxalate. Buth patients made a good recovery. REVIEWS AND NOTICES. year consists of two parts: one being arranged as a pocket-book an(l diary for the use of the practitioner; the other as a medical directory combined with a grcat deal of information regarding the laws affecting thc medical profession in Germany. As regar(ls the gencral appearance of the work, the first part-thc pocket-book-retains the neatness and convenience which characterised it last year; while the second part is greatly improved by being put up in light cloth boards instead of being merely stitched in paper; as well as by being printed on a wider page, and by the names of towns and other head-lines being printed in a
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.1049.198 fatcat:2xzsk3evkvhifa3y7ww76ycqlm