The Alleged Oxford Council of 1213

1916 American Historical Review  
AN interesting discussion in this and another review took place in the years 1905 and 19II1 respectively, on the writ of July 21, 1213, alleged by Roger of Wendover to have been issued with a view to summoning a representative assembly to St. Alban's, with the primary object of assessing the losses sustained by the bishops in the recent quarrel with King John. There would appear to be equal if not greater mystery connected with another writ of the same year, likewise printed in the same
more » ... in the same well-known collections,2 and made the basis of somewhat important inferences. The writ is thus given by Dr. Stubbs: Rex Vicecomiti Oxon. salutem. Praecipimus tibi quod omnes milites baillivae tuae, qui summoniti fuerunt esse apud Oxoniam ad nos a die Omnium Sanctorum in quindecim dies venire facias cum armis suis; corpora vero baronum sine armis similiter: et quatuor discretos homines de comitatu tuo iUuc venire facias ad nos ad eundem terminum ad 10quendum nobis cum de negotiis regni nostri. Teste me ipso apud Wyttefi. VII. die N ovembris. Eodem modo scribitur omnibus vicecomitibus.
doi:10.1086/ahr/22.1.87 fatcat:7htysxmzaff3rlxadbhezdvv7m