Activation cross section for the (n,2n) reaction on 197Au

A. Kalamara, M. Serris, M. Anastasiou, M. Diakaki, M. Kokkoris, N. Patronis, V. Paneta, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, R. Vlastou
2019 HNPS Proceedings  
The cross section of the reaction channels 197Au(n,2n)196Aug+m1 and 197Au(n,2n)196Aum2 has been experimentally determined at 15.3 MeV, relative to the 27Al(n,α)24Na reference reaction, using the activation technique. The irradiation was carried out at the 5 MV tandem T11/25 Accelerator Laboratory of NCSR "Demokritos" with monoenergetic neutron beam provided by means of the 3H(d,n)4He reaction, using a new Ti-tritiated target of 373 GBq activity. The induced γ- ray activity was measured with a
more » ... s measured with a high resolution HPGe detector.
doi:10.12681/hnps.1930 fatcat:z5z2rpmlifeaths7x4aaaitfxe