Handel und Wandel. Von Richard Calwer

T. W. Page
1901 Journal of Political Economy  
JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMIY arrangement. The other is that, as he himself acknowledges, he depends to an almost too great degree on secondary sources. He thus quotes the census figures of the industrial population in I882 and I895 from the report of an ambassador. The consequence is that this table (page 27 f.) is full of mistakes, partly perhaps only misprints. These drawbacks have to be criticised the less severely as the author characterizes his book as a "simple sketch." He announces the
more » ... ntention of publishing soon a detailed description of the economic and social transformation of the German empire in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. In view of his clear and impartial judgmlent, and his stupendous knowledge of the widely scattered literature, which he already displays in the book just reviewed, every student of the subject may look forward with interest to the execution of this plan.
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