Parallel Prefix Computation on OMTSE Opto-electronic Computer

Satish Chandra, Panigrahi
2010   unpublished
An efficient model of optoelectronic parallel computer based on Optical Multi-Trees with Shuffle Exchange (OMTSE) architecture has been proposed recently. The OMTSE interconnection system consists of n 2 factor networks, called TSE networks, which are organized in the form of an n × n grid. If each factor network has n leaf nodes, then the interconnection network under consideration will have a total number of 3n 3 /2 nodes. The diameter and bisection width of the network are 6 log 2 n-1 and n
more » ... 6 log 2 n-1 and n 3 /4 respectively. In contrast to the existing parallel algorithm of O(log 2 n) for n 2 data elements, this paper presents a new and improved SIMD algorithm to carry out prefix computations, corresponding to any binary operation, for n 3 data elements on OMTSE with same order of complexity. The strength of the proposed algorithm over an existing algorithm on OTIS Mesh has also been reported.