Inset fed Triple Band U-Slot Antenna for GSM900/GSM1900/WLAN Applications

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
To cover Global System for Mobile Communication(GSM) and WLAN frequency bands, three distinctive Inset fed antennas like rectangular microstrip, dualband dual slot and antennas are designed. Inset fed micostrip antenna is used for GSM1900 with an impedance bandwidth from 1.90GHz to 1.96GHz. Inset fed dual band dual slot antenna is used for GSM1900 and WLAN with impedance bandwidth is considered first band from 1.90GHz to 1.95GHz and second band from 2.38GHz to 2.42GHz. The proposed Inset fed
more » ... oposed Inset fed triple band antenna is used for GSM900, GSM1900 and WLAN with appropriate position of slot, is to operate in frequency ranges of first band is from 920MHz to 940MHz, second band is from 1.91GHz to 1.94GHz and third band is from 2.39GHz to 2.43GHz. A correlation among various feed widths, feed lengths and slot widths are exhibited in this paper.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f1270.0986s319 fatcat:rajyt7wv7fgurl4wrgbfca2pvm