The analysis of honey and other substances containing lævulose

W. R. G. Atkins
1917 The Analyst  
IN the course of some work on mixtures of the three reducing sugars, dextrose bvulose, and maltose, met with in plant tissues, it was found necessary to devise means for the estimation of each. If maltose is hydrolysed by prolonged boiling with acid, so much laevulose is destroyed as to render the estimation worthlem The oxidising action of bromine in removing aldehydic sugars while leaving the ketonic sugar lzevulose untouched, was finally made use of for the purpose of estimat ing one
more » ... mat ing one constituent of the mixture of the three sugars. While the work was in progress the researches of Davis and Daish (ANALYST, 1913,38,504) were published
doi:10.1039/an9174200012 fatcat:xm6sw5pakbgvzotc6rwe4roaxa