Dependence of Thickness of Fe Buffer Layer on Magnetic Properties for Mn2.6Ga Thin Films

K. Sato, Y. Takahashi, H. Makuta, T. Shima, M. Doi
Nihon Jiki Gakkai ronbun tokushugo  
D022-Mn2.6Ga thin films were fabricated by an ultra-high vacuum electron beam vapor deposition system on a MgO (100) single crystalline substrate with different buffer layer thicknesses (0.7 -5 nm). As the annealing temperature Ta increased to 400°C, the squareness of the M-H curves improved, and the saturation magnetization Ms and magnetic anisotropy Ku increased. At that time, from XRD patterns, D022-Mn3Ga (002) superlattice and (004) fundamental peaks were clearly observed from all samples.
more » ... from all samples. Our results suggest the existence of a magnetic dead layer of about 3.5 nm in the MnGa layer. Because of this magnetic dead layer, a relatively high Ku of 9.3 Merg/cm 3 and low surface roughness Ra of 0.93 nm were obtained from Mn2.6Ga thin film on a 2-nm Fe buffer at Ta = 400°C. The results in this work suggest that Fe is a suitable buffer layer for perpendicular magnetized D022-MnGa thin film.
doi:10.20819/msjtmsj.18tr211 fatcat:tfdtmkt5n5e6zpfozk7mkyzioi