Supplemental Material: Internal versus external locations of the South China Craton within Rodinia during the Cryogenian: Provenance history of the Nanhua Basin [post]

Guangyou Zhu, Huichuan Liu
2020 unpublished
Text S1: Abbreviations and reference sources of Figure 15; Figure S1: Paleogeographic environments of the western Nanhua Basin (after Jiang et al., 2011 and Bao et al., 2018); Figure S2: (A) Compiled Mesoproterozoic magmatic age data from both Yangtze Block and Hainan Island (Table S3); (B) late Mesoproterozoic Kunyang Group, southwest Yangtze Block (our unpublished data); (C) late Mesoproterozoic Liuceng Formation (sixth layer of the Shilu Group) in central Hainan Island (Yao et al., 2017);
more » ... o et al., 2017); Table S1: Zircon U-Pb analytical results; Table S2: In-situ zircon Lu-Hf analytical results; Table S3: Sources for data compiled in Figure S1.
doi:10.1130/gsab.s.12501830 fatcat:epl3s6qgdbhcnnzo7z44iydh6e