The effect of an excess of tryptophan and of rearing conditions on the incidence of boar taint in young Large White boars : relationship with male reproductive tract development

1981 Annales de Zootechnie  
Litter weight and litter size at birth and at weaning were significantly better in the Large White sows. Maternal abilities of the local sow must be underlined (8.5 p. 100 mortality v 21.3 for the Large White) and as a result sow productivity was almost the same for both the Large White and the local pig : 13.82 and 14.6 piglets per sow and per year respectively. Growth and tissue composition results of the progeny of the two breeds were the following : 1) The average daily gain was
more » ... ain was significantly higher in the Large White breed (514 g v 440 for the local pig). 2) The food conversion ratio was higher (p < 0.01) in the Creole breed (4.03 v 3.33 for the Large White pigs). 3) The main characteristics of the carcass quality was a significantly (p < 0.01) higher muscle percentage in the Large White (46.96 p. 100 v 38.97 for the local pigs). A good relationship between cut and physical dissection results on the one hand linear and ponderal carcass characteristics on the other hand was observed in both the Creole and the Large White breed. Ham weight and growth performance was independent of the body composition.
doi:10.1051/animres:19810341 fatcat:ynt3brlrxjbq3deakhfaysq6pi