On preservation and development of Estonian as a research language in anthropology – the role of the Yearbooks of the Estonian Anthropometric Register (1998–2002) in it

Jaan Kasmel, Tiiu Kasmel
2017 Papers on Anthropology  
A few years after its foundation (1993), the Centre for Physical Anthro pology at the University started cooperation with the Estonian Anthropometric Register. Together, it was decided to publish the Estonian-language Yearbook of the Estonian Anthropometric Register to preserve and develop Estonian as the language of research in anthropology. By that time, the Centre for Physical Anthropology had also started to publish the collection Papers on Anthropology in English.The article provides an
more » ... icle provides an overview of the Yearbooks of the Estonian Anthropometric Register 1998–2002. The covers of the yearbooks were designed by Michael Walsh and the language editor was Leelo Jago. From 1999, all the articles were accompanied by summaries in English. The Yearbook of 2002 is indexed in SPORTDiscus database. All the Yearbooks were printed by University of Tartu Press.The overview presents the cover, title page and contents of the first Yearbook; the following Yearbooks are represented only by the contents and summaries of prefaces by editor-in-chief Helje Kaarma.General characterisation of the five Yearbooks: 1129 pages in total, 125 published publications, 125 researchers as their first authors, in addition to them 171 co-authors; thus, 296 researchers participated as authors of articles. Actually, these numbers turn out to be smaller, as the number of authors of articles ranges between one and eight.Based on this, a table has been compiled about the distribution of articles per number of authors.The second part of the overview presents, as Tables, the distribution of articles according to their first authors by years and the distribution of articles between the authors from Tartu and Tallinn, and from the institutions of these towns. We also add the list of co-authors and the numbers of their participation in the articles of the Yearbooks.Based on the overview, it can be said that the five Yearbooks of the Estonian Anthropometric Register published from 1998–2002, their 125 publications and 56 researchers as first authors and their 77 co-authors, thus a total of 133 authors have a definite and constant role and significance in the preservation and development of Estonian as a language of research in this period.The question arises whether there is any other branch of research in Estonia, the representatives of which would have done anything similar in these years or earlier for the preservation and development of Estonian as a research language in their area, not only published articles in English.
doi:10.12697/poa.2017.26.1.02 fatcat:m4ayqd4l2zc3fm33e3gnf2laji