Ethanol and acetic-acid tolerance in Indian geographical populations of Drosophila immigrans

R Parkash, Neena, Shamina
1994 Genetics Selection Evolution  
Indian geographical populations of Drosophila immigrans revealed a lack of allozymic variation at the alcohol dehydrogenase locus. Latitudinal clines of ethanol tolerance (1.5-4.2%) and acetic-acid tolerance (2.9-4.9%) were observed in adult individuals of 4 geographical populations of Drosophila immigrans. Thus, both ethanol and acetic-acid tolerance decreased towards the equator. The parallel patterns of utilisation of ethanol and acetic acid seem to be correlated with the concentrations of
more » ... concentrations of these 2 metabolites in natural food resources. Thus, intra-specific differences for ethanol and acetic-acid tolerance could be adaptively maintained by spatially varying fermenting habitats along the north-south axis of the Indian sub-continent. ethanol tolerance / acetic-acid tolerance / clinal variation / geographical population / Drosophila immigrans
doi:10.1186/1297-9686-26-5-401 fatcat:6loikkwknrc7tdohhtrqrmoxhe