Media for Selective Isolation of Hymenomycetes

James J. Worrall
1991 Mycologia  
The growth rates of 32 hymenomycetes and non-hymenomycetes were compared on five media that have been devised for isolation of hymenomycetes. A medium with 2 mg/L benomyl permitted virtually uninhibited growth of hymenomycetes while strongly inhibiting many non-hymenomycetes, but members of the Mucorales and several other species still grew well. Testing of various combinations and concentrations of ingredients led to the use of 2 mg/L benomyl and 2 mg/L dichloran as antifungal ingredients.
more » ... al ingredients. This was tested in isolations from various field materials and in every case performed as well as or better than other commonly used media.
doi:10.2307/3759989 fatcat:7vaep4hbh5d37kpo6pknp3nkfq