In memory of Professor V. M. Dilman

Editorial team of Problems of endocrinology
1995 Problemy Endokrinologii  
On May 21, 1994, at the 69th year of his life, the famous Russian scientist professor Vladimir Mikhailovich Dilman died. V. M. Dilman made a significant contribution to the development of various fields of medical science and created a number of new scientific directions. Among the most important of them are the development of a model of the menopause mechanism (together with V. G. Baranov in 1949), the idea of the primary role of changing the sensitivity threshold of the hypothalamus in the
more » ... othalamus in the mechanism of aging and age-related pathology (1958), the creation of a large number anagormones (1961 and subsequent years). V. M. Dilman formulated a fundamentally new model of the development of diseases, according to which age-related pathology is the result of the transformation of the development mechanism of the body into the mechanism of aging and the emergence of certain diseases (including, in particular, type II diabetes mellitus). V. M. Dilman is the author of 13 monographs and more than 400 journal articles. He is the founder of a large school, and his students and followers continue to work in the directions created by Vladimir Mikhailovich.
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