Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences

A. Bourgougnon
1879 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
I Coinytes Rendus de l'ilcndemie des Sciences. 15d. L X X X I X , iV<i. 1, JICIY ?'til, 1879. Abstractor. A . BC&KGOL( d N e w Metal, discovered hy l ' s i ,~~:~ DAm,.--'lYiis new metal was foiind in a mineral containing kupfernickel arid nickel glaiice, a t Otero, arid cdled Korwegiiiiii. \%%ite ; nial1eal)le ; same hardriess as copper, nieltirig a t a t-dght red heat ; sp. gr. = 9.44 ; riot easily soluble in CIH, but readily in NOSH, giving a blue solution, turning green by hydration ; also
more » ... hydration ; also soluble in SO& The oxide NgO, reduced by €I, gives 9.60 and 10.15 per cent. of 0, giviiig x g = 145.95. Ziectctiutts. -Solutioiis are precipitated by KHO -XIISaiid Na,Co,. The precipitate is green, and soluble iri an excess of reactif, with R blue coloration €€$, i n very acid solutions, produces a brown precipitate, insoluble i n NH,S. Coininct*cirrl TrinLethyC(Lii"ii~e, E. DVYIILI E.:K and A. SIXSINK-Commercial triinetliylartiirie is not a 1JUN! product, as advanced by M. Vincent. I t contains only about 5 to 10 I J W cent. of triniethylarnine, and 50 per oent. of dimethy lainine ; also monoiiiethylarnine, monopropglariiine arid monoisobutylamine, in equal parts. Easily reducible on cliarmal with C:O,Na,. 3 0 . f L J u l y 14, 1879. Direct CotnbinatioiL of C,yamgen wltlc HUdrogerL mcd the Metals, M. BERTilEI-VT.-&Ual volumes of hydrogen arid cyanogen,
doi:10.1021/ja02149a001 fatcat:7mm2debkxjgmdmhxskkvwrm35u