Localized Apparatus in Teaching Geometrical Optics

Andrew Niff E. Balbon
2020 Zenodo  
This study aimed to determine the performance of the students about the basic concepts of geometrical optics before and after participating in the localized apparatus demonstrations and experiments. The respondents that demonstrate the set-up and who will answer the pretest and posttest are the grade 11 students from the Senior High School class of Sampiniton Provincial Community High School. The researcher utilized the quasi-experimental design, pretest–posttest design, in the study. Wherein,
more » ... he study. Wherein, learners were randomly assigned to either (1) experimental or (2) control group. Both groups were pretested for the independent variable. The experimental group received the treatment where they performed the activity using the localized apparatus in teaching geometrical optics. Both groups were post tested to examine the effects of manipulating the independent variable on the dependent variable. The study revealed that localized apparatus used in the experiment is both accurate and consistent in demonstrating the concepts on geometrical optics. Furthermore, there is a significant difference between the pretest and posttest performances of the students in all the topics on the concepts of geometrical optics. The study revealed that the localized apparatus is effective in improving the performance of the students on the concepts of geometrical optics.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3978581 fatcat:sludntdtgrd5vcmoar4a3d3fva