Two newly naturalized plants in Korea: Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. and Gamochaeta pensylvanica (Willd.) Cabrera
한국 미기록 귀화식물: 미역취아재비와 미국풀솜나물

Seong-Jin Ji, Su-Young Jung, Jeong-Ki Hong, Hee-Suk Hwang, Soo-Hyun Park, Jong-Cheol Yang, Kae-Sun Chang, Seung-Hwan Oh, You-Mi Lee
2014 Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy  
Two naturalized plants belonging to Asteraceae (Compositae) were collected in Gangwon-do and Jeju-do. Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt., a taxon of unrecorded genus Euthamia Nutt., was found in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. This species can be distinguished from Solidago japonica Kitam. and S. gigantea Aiton by punctate, entire leaves and disc corollas without vein. Its Korean name was given 'Mi-yeok-chwi-a-jae-bi' because it shows similar external appearances with that of the Mi-yeok-chwi (Solidago
more » ... -chwi (Solidago japonica Kitam.). Gamochaeta pensylvanica (Willd.) Cabrera was discovered in Jeju-do. It can be distinguished from G. purpurea (L.) Cabrera by withering basal leaves at flowering and relatively short inner phyllaries. This taxon was named 'Mi-guk-pulsom-na-mul' in Korean by considering its specific epithet.
doi:10.11110/kjpt.2014.44.1.13 fatcat:qrxshchf2fgmzei5bhbxgg6rje