Perfil do Estudante Universitário Usuário de Tecnologias

F.C. Silva, M.M. Vizzotto
2013 Psicólogo inFormação  
This study describes the profile of the college student user technologies and the use of related technologies and behavioral variables in these universities. We studied a sample of 99 college men and women above 18 years of Psychology and Biomedical private university of São Paulo. We used a questionnaire to collect data. The results showed a prevalence of the use of mobile phone (cell phone) and computer / internet technologies as used by the sample; exceeded 236 hours monthly in use. We also
more » ... ly in use. We also observed a large number of respondents who deprived physiological needs (sleep, eat, urinate or defecate) or neglect of school work, domestic work or to stay more time using technology. However we suggest future studies to expand the knowledge found in this study.
doi:10.15603/2176-0969/pi.v17n17p39-55 fatcat:fgnssoxiczeg7kv5x7nagw32mu