Chemical gelation of cerium (III)-doped yttrium aluminium oxide spherical particles

L.T. Su, A.I.Y. Tok, F.Y.C. Boey, J.L. Woodhead
2006 Journal of Materials Research  
A novel low-temperature (900°C) chemical gelation method was developed to synthesize spherical and nonagglomerated Ce 3+ -doped yttrium aluminum oxide particles (YAG:Ce 3+ ). This represents a process with a much lower processing temperature than current solid-state reaction processes (1400°C). Characterization of the particles via x-ray diffraction and thermoanalytical methods showed that calcination at 900°C for 2 h allowed direct crystallization from the amorphous phase, inferring that this
more » ... nferring that this process allows homogeneous mixing and increased precursor reactivity. Electron microscopy results showed that the spherical particles (∼100 to ∼3 m) were the flocks of crystallites. The crystallite sizes (Rietveld refinement) grew linearly from 27 nm (900°C) to 114 nm (1300°C). The surface area decreased from 40 m 2 /g (900°C) to 5 m 2 /g (1300°C) because of the coagulating and growing of crystallites to bigger grains at 1300°C. Single-crystal nanoparticles (around 100 nm) were obtained with this process and their atomic structures were revealed via high-resolution transmission electron microscopy.
doi:10.1557/jmr.2006.0312 fatcat:obtr5acbofbtzjdlvs3e4ekuze