Structural Damage Identification Based on the Minimum System Realization and Sensitivity Analysis

W. R. Li, Y. F. Du, S. Y. Tang, L. J. Zhao
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
On the basis of the thought that the minimum system realization plays the role as a coagulator of structural information and contains abundant information on the structure, this paper proposes a new method, which combines minimum system realization and sensitivity analysis, for structural damage detection. The structural damage detection procedure consists of three steps: (1) identifying the minimum system realization matrixes A, B, and R using the structural response data; (2) defining the
more » ... 2) defining the mode vector, which is based on minimum system realization matrix, by introducing the concept of the measurement; (3) identifying the location and severity of the damage step by step by continuously rotating the mode vector. The proposed method was verified through a five-floor frame model. As demonstrated by numerical simulation, the proposed method based on the combination of the minimum realization system and sensitivity analysis is effective for the damage detection of frame structure. This method not only can detect the damage and quantify the damage severity, but also is not sensitive to the noise.
doi:10.1155/2014/405760 fatcat:r2gkyi2xi5fzvncrae26copvdq