Live Video Montage with a Rotating Camera

Zilong Dong, Lei Jiang, Guofeng Zhang, Qing Wang, Hujun Bao
2009 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
High-quality video editing usually requires accurate layer separation in order to resolve occlusions. However, most of the existing bilayer segmentation algorithms require either considerable user intervention or a simple stationary camera configuration with known background, which is difficult to meet for many real world online applications. This paper demonstrates that various visually appealing montage effects can be online created from a live video captured by a rotating camera, by
more » ... y retrieving the camera state and segmenting out the dynamic foreground. The key contribution is that a novel fast bilayer segmentation method is proposed which can effectively extract the dynamic foreground under rotational camera configuration, and is robust to imperfect background estimation and complex background colors. Our system can create a variety of live visual effects, including but not limited to, realistic virtual object insertion, background substitution and blurring, non-photorealistic rendering and camouflage effect. A variety of challenging examples demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2009.01551.x fatcat:5diy6xqdvvfrdameu52edt7pfy