An educational response to student protests. Learning from Hannah Arendt

Dirk Postma
2016 Education as Change  
PROTESTS The higher education scene in South Africa has recently been dominated by student protests such as #rhodesmustfall and #feesmustfall. These movements express critique of social inequalities, colonial epistemologies, oppressive pedagogies, bureaucratic management in and financial exclusion from universities. They associate closely with workers' demands for insourcing (#outsourcingmustfall) and decent remuneration. The protests are part of the growing global awareness of the social and
more » ... of the social and environmental unsustainability of neoliberal politics and global capitalist practices. They could be seen as part of what Raymond Williams (1965) calls the 'long revolution' towards self-governance. This continuing revolution could be detected among the South African 'born free' generation (those born after the establishment of the democratic state in 1994). This generation demands with new energy and urgency the continuation of the South African revolution through the realisation of the promises of democracy. As could be expected, the older generation, particularly those who were part of the democratic revolution in South Africa, are 'bewildered and angry when the new young generation asserts that the revolution has after all not EDITORIAL
doi:10.17159/1947-9417/2016/1042 fatcat:2qnm2sj4gvevznjhw752ipqtt4