Decentralized Adaptive Tracking of Interconnected Nonlinear Systems by Corrupted Output Feedback

Dong Min Jeong, Sung Jin Yoo
2020 Mathematics  
A decentralized adaptive resilient output-feedback stabilization strategy is presented for a class of uncertain interconnected nonlinear systems with unknown time-varying measurement sensitivities. In the concerned problem, the main difficulty is to achieve the decentralization of interconnected output nonlinearities unmatched to the control input by using only local output information corrupted by measurement sensitivity, namely the exact output information cannot be used to design the
more » ... design the decentralized output-feedback control scheme. Thus, a decentralized output-feedback stabilizer design using only the corrupted output of each subsystem is developed where the adaptive control technique is employed to compensate for the effects of unknown measurement sensitivities. The stability of the resulting decentralized control scheme is analyzed based on the Lyapunov stability theorem.
doi:10.3390/math8081340 fatcat:fwin4ueyqjfobh5p5mndjdrmg4