Transition ins Wort

Harald Schwaetzer
According to the "Ältestes Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus" philosophy resolves itself into poetics at the end. Hölderlin elaborates this idea in his poetical fragments. The article describes the systematic impact of Hölderlin's concept of "Wechsel der Töne" on the act of composing poems. By the example of the seven keywords of an unwritten poem "Ovids Rükkehr nach Rom", the article focusses on a specific metamorphosis: the one from a pure intellectual and pre-lingual realm into the
more » ... realm into the lingual sphere of a concrete poem. Thereby it becomes clear that the way of thinking (in its pre-lingual sense) is poetic; the process of thinking transforms itself into a genuine poetic progress, and vice versa the structure of a poem turns out to be part of a creative development of thinking. By contrast, the described transformative process elucidates an impact of contemporary poetics, because transformation as a core issue is mostly only referred to linguistic, social, or cultural aspects.
doi:10.25353/ubtr-izfk-26b6-773c fatcat:ifmetpbumrcw7nrreqvmjgbum4