The existence of multiple positive solutions of p-Laplacian boundary value problems

Yuji Liu
2007 Mathematica Slovaca  
AbstractIn this paper, we establish sufficient conditions to guarantee the existence of at least three or 2n − 1 positive solutions of nonlocal boundary value problems consisting of the second-order differential equation with p-Laplacian (1) $$[\phi _p (x'(t))]' + f(t,x(t)) = 0, t \in (0,1),$$ and one of following boundary conditions (2) $$x(0) = \int\limits_0^1 {x(s) dh(s),} \phi _p (x'(1)) = \int\limits_0^1 {\phi _p (x'(s)) dg(s)} ,$$ and (3) $$\phi _p (x'(0)) = \int\limits_0^1 {\phi _p
more » ... _0^1 {\phi _p (x'(s)) dh(s),} x(1) = \int\limits_0^1 {x(s) dg(s)} .$$ Examples are presented to illustrate the main results.
doi:10.2478/s12175-007-0019-2 fatcat:km7e3xfjkzeatbmj7zeyv6m6yy